Nickie was not in a good place a few years back.  I had a rough summer.  My mother was very ill and it took a toll on me.  I heard about Pilates.  I spoke with my doctor and he suggested I try the class before he prescribes any kind of medication.

Pilates it was.

I found a class and signed up.  I was hooked.  The classes were small.  There would be no more than six pupils per class.  I had a weak back so this was exactly what I needed not to injure myself.  The classes were one hour long and were in sessions of seven to eight weeks long.

I promised myself to commit to this class once a week.  One class.  Once a week.  I kept this commitment by telling myself, ”Would I cancel if this was a business appointment, or doctor’s appointment or parent-teacher meeting?” Never. So I never skipped a class.

I find that Pilates is a body and mind experience.  For one hour, I concentrate on myself; on every part of my body.  The way each muscle relaxes and contracts.  How every breath is calculated with every move.  The feeling is fantastic.  It’s not like taking a walk in the park.  You have to work hard.  You are going to sweat but you are going to feel ohh! So good!

With this in mind, I succeeded in taking Pilates classes to this day.   I will never stop taking Pilates classes. (see: For Nicole –  not published, yet)


2 thoughts on “Pilates

  1. Hi Nickie, tried it twice, maybe that wasn’t enough to make it a judgement but just didn’t “‘get it” yet so many I know LOVE it. So maybe I should give it another shot. I need to get back into something, the house has taken its toll and my exercise routine has taken a back seat….as soon as I move its time to place it on the front burner and keep it there!!

    • Hi, Tina! You need a good instructor. If you want to commit, the instructor has to be really good. There are many benefits to Pilates; it elongates your muscles, it’s great for your back and the results are there!
      I highly recommend it.

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