A Bouquet of A Christmas Tree

My bff, Josie L, can decorate a Christmas tree like no other.

Just tell her, “Okay! I’m ready to decorate my tree!”  Before you know it, she’s with you at the store shopping away!

She has original ideas. She uses items which we would never think of putting on a Christmas tree as an ornament.  Many are handmade.

This is a step-by-step procedure to help you decorate your tree, According to Josie L!

Step 1 – Fluff up branches and add lights.

Step 2 – Add huge paper bows on both sides of the tree.

Use branches to hold them up.

Step 3 – Add the 9″ in diameter roses.

Strategically place them all over the tree.

Step back to see how it looks from a distance.

Step 4 – Add the smaller roses.

Step 5 – Add the Baby’s breath flowers in little bouquets.

Step 6 – Add the bows made with raffia.

Final Step – Stand back and enjoy your amazing Christmas Tree!

Thanx a Bunch, Josie L xox


4 thoughts on “A Bouquet of A Christmas Tree

  1. Okay, now I am inspired!!!! My tree has been sitting in its box on my living floor for 3 wks now. huhhuhuhuhuhu!!! What a chore… but thanks to this blog and to Josie’s ” nana nana boo boo Martha Stewart” tree, I am now motivated and ready to take on the million little branches that I need to fluff, the million little ornaments( that I have collected over my entire adult life) to strategically place, the million little white light strings that bulbs need to be replaced on. I am tired already!!!
    What a beauiful tree Josie.
    Okay, here it is…I am launching a tree decorating competition among all the Nickie blogger people. We have 7 days to submit a picture of our tree decorating masterpieces to Nickie for positing. Let’s see what everyone can come up with.
    Josie you can take the next 7 days off since your tree is already perfect!

    • You’re too funny! What’s with the nana nana boo boo Martha Stewart? How many times do I have to tell you, mos (my older sister), fluff your branches like Martha!!! lol! See you in a week. Best in Tree!

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