Dr. Deepak Chopra

My Wishlist – Attend Dr. Deepak Chopra’s workshop in Carlsbad, CA.

I heard of Dr. Deepak Chopra on Oprah.  He was promoting his book, Ageless body, Timeless Mind.  I had to learn more so I bought the book.  I really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t put it down.

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

I was pregnant with my third child and one morning, as I was getting out of bed, I had to sneeze.  I didn’t want to wake up my husband so I tried to stop myself from sneezing.  I don’t know what happened but I was unable to move.  I called out my husband’s name for help.  He woke up and couldn’t believe the state I was in.  I couldn’t move.  The pain.  He called the doctor and he asked us to go in asap.  My husband had to dress me.  I couldn’t go down the stairs.  It took everything out of me to get into the car and then to the doctor’s.  The doctor examined me and told me that the way I was positioned and the way I sneezed, it was highly probable that I moved one of my discs and it’s pinching my nerve. He couldn’t give me medication because I was pregnant.  He advised me to stay in bed and not move.

The problem was that I was leaving for Los Angeles on Friday.  This was Monday.  The doctor told me to cancel my trip because I wasn’t going anywhere.  Say what?  Cancel a trip to LA.  I don’t think so…

For three days, I stayed in bed and visualized my disc going back to place.  Got up Thursday morning, went back to see the doctor.

Friday morning, I was on that flight to LA.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Deepak Chopra

  1. OMG you poor thing!! I had something simliar happen and to this day I get weak at the knees thinking of that pain I was in, so I “feel your pain”. How amazing thought that you made that trip…mind over matter, huh!

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