The Joy of Shopping!

Shopping frenzy will soon begin!  I find it appropriate to share this story with you .

My husband and I walked into a Very Well-Known High End Boutique.

We were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and my husband wanted to buy me something to commemorate the occasion.

I saw a clutch that I fell in love with.  I asked the Saleswoman for information.  She took the clutch out of the display case and showed me the little mirror that came with it.  The excellent quality in the stitching.  I loved it even more.

I looked at my husband and he nodded, ”Yes”.

I kissed him and told the Saleswoman, ”It’s mine!”

My husband handed over the credit card.  When he went to sign the receipt, the amount was more than the amount on the ticket.

We questioned the amount.  She said, ”The cash register is giving me this amount.  I’ll go see the Manager.”

She came back and advised us that the price from the cash register is the correct price!

We asked to speak to the Manager.

The Manager told us we have two options.  Either we pay the amount or we credit the card.

I asked, “Can we pay the amount on the ticket?”

She said, “No.  If you were in Canada, you would be paying 14% more.”

I answered, “If we were in Canada, they would honour the price on the ticket.”

She voided our transaction.

We left.

FYI:  If you are Christmas shopping in Québec, Canada, by law, the lowest price on the ticket or advertised has to be honoured plus an additional 10% discount should be deducted.

If the item is $10.00 or less, it’s free!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Shopping!

  1. WOW, without knowing what store this was, I must say i am shocked! Bad business is my first instinct for them to not honor the price presented to you. But not knowing all the particulars, thats as far as I can offer an opinion. I think the store manager should have exercised his right and honored the right to honor the price, I mean if it was something ridiculous, that I could understand but I presume it was noting out of the oridnary. Sorry for you it meant losing the clutch, hopefully this means there is soemthing even better out there for you!
    Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks for your wishes! Their loss because when we got home from our vacation, my husband bought me an even nicer purse! Every country has different laws I guess.

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