Warning: Keep Tissues at An Arm’s Length

Comments are stories in itself.

I have received many comments.   On every post, there is the phrase “Leave a Comment” in the top right corner.  Click on it and either you write a comment or you can read what other people have written. I would like to thank everyone for sharing.

The reason for this post is because I would like you to read the comments on the following two posts.  These two comments are very different from each other!

A Bouquet of a Christmas Tree.   Click the title on the left hand side to view the post along with the comments.  I will extend The Christmas Tree Competition until next Sunday. If you are interested, send in a picture and I will post it.

My picture is ready.  Yours bse? ( best sister ever) Oops! mobse! (much older best sister ever)

You will need your tissue box now!  The other post is Remembering Our Loved Ones.  Also click on the left hand side to view the post and read the comment from Lacey W.  I just couldn’t tuck away this comment without acknowledging it.

Thank you, Lacey, once again for this beautiful comment.


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