My Darling Ashley ~ In Loving Memory of Your Mom

Ashley, I dedicate this to you for your 21st Birthday.

Tears still roll down my cheeks when I think of my good friend Nicole.  Cancer.  Colon cancer.  Yes, she felt something but she was sent home with a prescription.  Enough with the disease, I want to tell you about Nicole, the person.

There was something about her.  I felt it the first time I met her.   I opted for exercise instead of prescription pills so I signed up for her Pilates’ class.

It was the first time I stayed with an exercise class. Her tone of voice was always the same.  She had a relaxing voice.  I even suggested she make her own personal training tapes.

An avid walker.  She walked on a daily basis.  She would walk everywhere for everything.  If we would go for lunch or breakfast, she would make me walk to the restaurant and back.  She would greet everyone on the way there.  Even though she didn’t know them, she would still greet them.  She used to hold my hand when we had to cross the street.  Yeah! Because there was no way I would cross if it wasn’t at an intersection with traffic lights!

She would walk on rainy days.

We were training for an event.  It was a 60km – 2 day walk – to raise funds for cancer research for a hospital.  Rain, shine or extreme heat, we walked and we would walk long hours to train.  Before I met Nicole, my life would come to a halt when it rained or if it was too hot outside.  As difficult as it was, she had me sign up for the event for four years.

“Nicole, you’re a special person.  Rest in Peace.”


2 thoughts on “My Darling Ashley ~ In Loving Memory of Your Mom

  1. Wow, I am sad reading this of a life that sounds like it was cut way too soon, of a special someone who obviously touched your life but no doubt, many others.
    I hope that her spirit will stay alive within you as it sounds like it will every time you do one of the positive activities she motivated you to do. She sounds like a very special person. Hope she is resting in peace now.

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