Oh! No…I Ate Too Much!

Okay, That’s it.  I have 3 days to lose 3 lbs before my feeding frenzy begins all over again.

I can count the times I gained weight:  1.  During a part time summer job at a fast food restaurant, 2.  A fun-filled summer vacation in Italy and 3.  During my pregnancies where I tipped the scale at 183 lbs.

The weight came off, the first time, soon after I quit that summer job.  I took a size 6 in the uniform and eventually grew out of it.  I had to wear a t-shirt under the uniform because I couldn’t button it.

The second time I tried to lose weight, I decided to take up smoking.  People who quit smoking gain weight, right?  Well, I figured, if you start smoking then you’ll lose weight?  Wrong!  So, I ended up being an overweight full time smoker!!!  I tried all kinds of diets.  Nothing worked.  The more I was told I couldn’t eat, the more I wanted too.  Once I started school and found a part time job in fashion retail, I lost the weight.

The third time was a bit harder.  I had stopped smoking and nine months later I gave birth.  Soon after, I got pregnant with my second child.  I was eating less and taking walks with the boys.  I joined a couple of different gyms.  I would work out like a nut for three weeks and then just stop going.  Then, I got pregnant with my third child.  Luckily, I controlled myself and went up to 158 lbs.  I was able to lose some of the weight by eating less and going up and down the stairs to check on the baby.

Follow me for the next three days as I begin the process of losing those 3 lbs so I can eat this holiday weekend!


6 thoughts on “Oh! No…I Ate Too Much!

  1. I’m a healthy eater (for the most part) and an active person, but I feel the same stress this time of year to manage my weight and not let it all go to hell just because its the holidays. I’m looking forward to hearing how you’ll tackle the temptations and still be social at the holidays without gaining too much “holly jolly”!

    • Hi, Stephanie!

      Seeing that you are a healthy eater and an active person, it won’t be hard.
      I try to taste everything there is at a party. I usually take a spoonful or a bite. I know the hostess/host went through trouble preparing so I wouldn’t want to refuse anything and hurt her/his feelings.
      My mother-in-law once told me “Eat now while you still have your teeth!”
      It got me thinking. lol!!!

  2. PLEASE share your secrets if you are successful!! I need to lose more than 3 lbs but it will be a start however with my penchant for yummy food I know better than to start BEFORE Chrstmas, for me this has to be an after the holidays thing for it to even remotely stand a chance of working:) Good luck…you sound determined!

    • Hi, Tina!
      Follow me for the next three days. I have a routine I follow which is pretty simple. It starts with 3 lbs and then it just continues. It took me 6 months to lose 20lbs. It’s hard but I did it.

  3. Well Nickie the next few days I will definitely follow you on your plan. If three pounds can turn into 6 pounds and then 9 pounds I’ll be soooo happy.

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