Day One of Three Days

I am 3 lbs over my ideal weight.  I weigh myself every morning.  I have two days of partying coming up so I have no choice but to drop these 3 extra lbs.

I start with a glass or two of water every morning. (Note:  I drink water often throughout the day.)  I have coffee. I usually wait 30 minutes and then I drink 4 oz of orange juice.

An hour and 30 minutes later, I will have a liquid yoghurt drink and an apple. (I usually have a banana.)

For lunch, today I am at Costco so I am having a salad.  You see…If I wasn’t 3 lbs over weight and had no parties this weekend, I would have had half a poutine, half an all-dressed hotdog and half a soft drink. Lol!

On average, I eat about 400 calories per meal plus I’ll have two snacks for approximately 1500 calories per day.

If the salad is 1000 calories, there goes my breakfast along with my two snacks.

Turns out, the salad is 700 calories so I am allowed to having my yoghurt at 4 p.m. just before supper.

For Supper, I am making rigatoni and tomato sauce with Italian sausage.

Using my Bolognese Sauce recipe, I replaced the ingredients with four mild and two spicy Italian sausages.  I reduced the amount of tomatoes to 1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 can of spiced ground tomatoes and 2 jars of the ground tomatoes and 1/2 an onion.  The preparation is the same.

I will put 1½ scoops of pasta and a scoop of sauce on my 8 inch plate.  That’s it. I won’t have seconds.


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