Day Two of Three Days

I just weighed myself and I successfully dropped 1 lb.  I’m feeling hungry but it’s okay.  The feeling passes.  Actually, it’s a good sign because I know I’m not over-eating.

I will drink my glass of water.  I will have my coffee.  My 4 oz. of orange juice and my liquid yoghurt.

Today, I will have ¾ cup of cereal with milk because I will be doing some cardio.

My cardio consists of going up and down the stairs for 30 minutes. Lol!

I begin by going down the stairs, come back up, do the tour of the house, and then go back down and so on… I definitely wear my runners.

I keep 3lb weights close by.  I pick them up on the way down the stairs.  I do simple exercises.  One is for the shoulders and the other is for the back of the arms (Yeah! We all know that area.)  I usually do 8 repetitions of each and then drop them off.   I pick them up two more times and then I always finish the workout with stretching my muscles.

I’ll drink more water because of the cardio.

Today’s lunch is half a tuna sandwich with sundried tomatoes on multigrain bread and a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It all fits on a 10” plate.

I will have an apple for a snack.

For Supper, I will fill half of my 10 inch plate with salad.  The other half will consist of a piece of filet mignon, the size of the palm of my hand and 5 potato wedges.  I will have a clementine for dessert.

I try to stick to my 400 calories a meal and eat at least one thing from each of the five food groups.


2 thoughts on “Day Two of Three Days

  1. Believe me, I am powerless over holiday foods and sweets also. Lol!
    In 2012, I’ll be eating like this for weeks because I still have 3 more weekends of partying!!!

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