Day Three of Three Days

I just weighed myself and I am very close to my goal.  I have to be careful that I don’t eat less than I should.  You know the old saying,  “Life is too short!”

I slap on body creams and face creams because it’s important to moisturize while losing weight.

I had my water, my coffee, my juice, and more coffee…Lol!  My liquid yoghurt and an apple.  My meals are pretty bland but I’ll be eating and drinking all weekend. Yum! Yum!

I usually have my Pilates class once a week but they are closed for the Holidays.  I’ll just do some sit ups at home.

I place my mat on the floor and I do every possible style of sit ups that exists.  No, I’m joking…I do sit ups, exercises for my lower abs and exercises for my obliques (muscles on the sides). I do about 8 repetitions per style and I’ll be doing it twice.

For lunch, I’ll have the other half of yesterday’s lunch with a salad.  It’s okay.  I’ll be feasting this weekend.

Oh! No! My husband asked me to make cookies…Sliced Almond Cookies.  My fault…I bought the ingredients and told him I was going to make some.  I just wasn’t planning on making them today!

For supper, again on my 10 inch plate, I will have a salad with a slice of pork tenderloin, the size of the palm of my hand with mixed collard greens and kale sautéd in garlic and olive oil.

I think I’ll succeed.  Those cookies will be a problem but I just have to hold off until tomorrow to try one or two, the most!


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