The Sweet Smell of Success…NOT!

What a year…

I was in a company with two other partners.  For a year, we were building up a food manufacturing company.  To our surprise, we couldn’t get any contracts.  Nothing.  What now?  We had to quickly find contracts to fill.  We hired employees.  We made samples over samples over samples…. Worked even on weekends.  Nothing.

I drove so much.  Picking up ingredients.  Dropping off samples.

I once drove for 2 hours, alone, in a blizzard, dropped off the samples and headed back home.  Remember me, the one who didn’t go out when it rained!  I didn’t mind.  I loved the feeling.  The feeling that I can do it!

Ahhh!  Let me tell you…That euphoric feeling of almost succeeding was incredible.  The laughing.  The joking around.  It felt like a party!

This was my baby.  With all my real babies grown up, this was for me.  I loved getting up in the morning, picking my clothes to wear for the day, organizing my desk, calling for pricing, etc…Ahhh!  It felt good.

The flip side is not that fun.  First, I think it’s shock:  It can’t be… It’s a mistake…

Then, it’s panic….Let’s make different samples…something completely new.  That made no sense.

We eventually had to dissolve the company.



2 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Success…NOT!

  1. Oh Nickie..I am so sorry to hear about that. I can feel your enthusiasm over what could have been leaping off the page! I am so sorry it didn’t work out as planned, but I hope you can look ahead, hopefully learn a few lessons somehow as to why it didnt’ work out and forge ahead into a new year..hopefully one with new opportunities and new beginnings! Wishing you the VERY BEST!

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