Monday Morning ~ A New Year, A New Week~

It’s already 2012.  I remember getting ready for Y2K! Wow!    Everyone was in a panic.  The computers  are going to crash. Ahhh! What are we going to do?

Well, actually 2012 is supposed to be another one of those years where fear is being instilled in everyone…The Mayan calendar…End of the World…December 21st, 2012…!

I am living for today so let’s kick start the year.

I have my budget ready.  Check my post on Does a Budget Work?

I also prepared a shopping list for us Costco shoppers.  Yes, a shopping list.

I would go shopping with my list scribbled on a paper.  When I would get to the cashes and I realized that I wrote eggs after cereal.  What do I do?  Do I leave the basket and take a run for it or come back another day?  I will take my chances…No more.  My list is designed with the different departments in mind.  When you walk in the different departments, your list is neatly divided.  Plus,  a shopping list also helps with the budget.


I have to lose the 3 extra lbs I gained during the weekend.  My series of posts, Day One of Three Days, Day Two of Three Days and Day Three of Three Days will show you how I will succeed. I will be walking outdoors today for my exercise because the weather is warmer than usual.  I have one more party so I have to squeeze into a dress.

I will be planning my blog for the month of January.  I’m pleading with my boys to write a few posts.  I’m hoping that they will eventually give in.

Join me this year to make the most of 2012.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning ~ A New Year, A New Week~

  1. Hi Nickie, I am optimistic about what lies ahead in 2012! I think its going to be a fabulous year and its going to be a year where i am going to start checking things off my “bucket list”….a year of dong instead of wishing. Hope its a great year for you too!

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