Are You the One Who Sent This?

My sister and I went to Italy for the summer.  My parents sent us to stay with my Mom’s cousin, my very dear Aunt Zia Teresa.

It was the end of May!  We decided to go to the beach the day after we arrived.  It’s hot.  I guess.  A whopping 75 degrees F.  When we got there, no one was on the beach!  We find out that the beach only opens in late June!  What!  Late June!

So, my Aunt takes us to Fiuggi, Italy.  It is a quaint little Italian town where everyone goes to drink the water.  My Aunt was into detox way before I knew what it meant!  Nonetheless, my sister and I ignored our Aunt’s plea for taking up some cures.

Shopping and hanging out poolside were more interesting.  Let me tell you, the shopping was out of this world.

We also discovered that taking a shower in Europe was slightly different than here.  You have to hold the shower head while lathering up!  I was complaining when my sister walks in with her eyes blindfolded by her eye mask given to her by the airline!  Lol!!!  OMG!  We laughed so much.

When we got back to our town, we hung out at the beach.  I was the sun worshipper.  My sister stayed by the parasol because of her fair skin.  I would gaze up to see what she would be doing and it never failed, she would be surrounded by at least 10 Italian guys hitting on her!

One day I came across this little bottle.  I picked it up and tried to examine it.  The sand and shape of the bottle looked different.  It always intrigued me to know where it came from.

I’m hoping between blogging about it and putting it on Youtube would make it easier!


2 thoughts on “Are You the One Who Sent This?

  1. What a wonderful summer, sounds magical and sounds like it could be a movie..hey maybe you are onto something! I sooo hope you find out who did that, wouldn’t that be amazing? Hope you will share if you do…good luck!

  2. We had a great time! We laughed so much that year.
    It would be freaky to find out who sent out that bottle. I kept it for 30 years! I’ll definitely keep everyone posted.

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