The Shoes with The Red Sole ~ Christian Louboutin

I had watched a story on Christian Louboutin and became intrigued by these red sole shoes and how they were designed.

Before I knew it, Oprah was wearing them.  Oh! No!  If famous people have them, it has to be out of my price range!

The story begins.  I wasn’t feeling 100%.  The doctor sent me through a series of tests and then he called me to go see him.

Yikes!  No worries.  Right.

My husband came with me.  We waited so long, he had to leave to put extra change in the parking meter.

I get called.  They leave me alone in a room with my file on the desk.  I was brought up to never touch anything but ever since I met my husband, I decided to take a peek!

I pushed some papers aside and noticed a pink sheet on stomach cancer!


My mind wasn’t registering what I was seeing.  I was overwhelmed!  I started crying uncontrollably.  I had to control myself.

My whole life was flashing by me.  Seriously!

Then, I could not stop seeing myself in a coffin.  That’s where the Louboutin’s come in.  What! I was to be buried in Louboutin’s…

Just then my husband walks in…”What did I miss” was the look upon his face.  I tried to calm down and pointed at the pink paper.

Tears rolling down my cheeks, I looked at him and said,”Now what?”

Of course he said,” It’s a mistake!”

I was so upset…At everything…At life…

Oh! Dear!  The Doctor walks in.  He was in loss for words.  He did not understand what was going on…I pointed at the pink paper.

He looked at me and said,”That. Oh! I’m so sorry! We put it with all our files.”

This is going to take more than 300 words…to be continued.


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