Christian Louboutin ~ Part Deux

My husband looks at me and says,”You see, I told you it was a mistake!”

Wow!  That feeling!  Everything goes through your mind.  My boys’ getting married, grandchildren…And me not being there.  Yuk!!! Not fun.

Back to the Louboutin’s.  I want them. I definitely don’t want them when I’m dead!

Enough about death.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect Louboutin’s.  Let me tell you, it’s not easy.  Some are too eccentric and some squish all your toes.  I know, eventually, I will get them.

I was in Houston, Texas for a trade show.  The hotel we were staying was connected to a huge shopping mall.  We literally would roll out of bed into the mall!  The shopping was amazing.  For an added bonus, they had sales!!!

Oh!  Yeah! Let’s not forget the Canadian dollar at par with the US dollar!!!!  Yippee!!!!

After the show, we (Sonia, my shopping partner, and I) would go shopping.  We went into Neiman Marcus’ shoe department.

Did I tell you Neiman motivated me to lose weight.  I was receiving their emails and I wanted everything they were selling.  Only problem, I was 20lbs overweight.  Off came the weight.

Back to the story.  We didn’t find any shoes at Neiman’s.

We walked into Sak’s shoe department.  Racks and racks of shoes on sale.

I see my Louboutin’s.  With my Louboutin’s in tow, I hear someone calling me, “Miss, Miss!”

This gentleman was holding a pair of Louboutin’s and a pair of Chanel shoes in his hands and asks me,”Which would you choose?”


“I want to buy a pair of shoes for my girlfriend!”

“Oooh!!! Silly me.”  I thought… Forget what I thought.

“They are both beautiful but go with the Louboutin’s!”

Yep! He was buying for the girlfriend.


4 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin ~ Part Deux

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      Let me know how it goes.
      I also have a 5-week workout to whip my body into shape for the summer!

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