OMG! I was This Close from Being Scammed!

Wow! Can you believe this?

You know, with everything that is going on out there, you must not have a conscience to actually call up someone and try to swindle them out of money!

And doing it straight faced…

My answering machine was picking up a phone call yesterday when my husband picked up the phone.  The gentleman, correction:  the scammer, was talking about renting out our timeshare property.

It’s not the first time we get calls from people asking to let them rent out our timeshare but it is the first time we picked up.

He was giving my husband information when my husband passed me the phone to give the scammer my email address.  He repeated the same information he told my husband and I graciously gave him my email address. He told me he was going to send us papers to sign.

After I hung up with him, my husband and I started discussing what we were going to do.  Are we really going to let someone else rent for us?  We were going to wait for the papers to sign and then we were going to give it a go…

Well, I got thinking…

RED FLAG #1!  He told us that he will be renting the condo unit almost twice the price that we would be renting it out.  Too good to be true, right?

RED FLAG #2!  Like I said, it’s not the first time I’ve received these calls.  I actually kept the previous calls on my answering machine.  I took the numbers down and did some research online.

This is where the scam begins…

They tell you that your unit is rented.  They send you the cheques for the amount of the rent but they want their commission paid.  Thinking they are honest, you pay the commission but their cheques bounce.


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