Spring Cleaning ~ In More Ways Than One

My forsythia have bloomed!  Spring is here!

We are still experiencing a few cool days but it’s slowly getting warmer!

I have started my Spring cleaning.  In more ways than one!

Today, I will try a 1-Day Detox.

I have tried the 5-Day Detox from Dr. Deepak Chopra which I love.  Today, I just need a quick detox.

Call me crazy but I have to try this.  Yes, one whole day consisting of liquids as meals and snacks.  (No alcohol, of course!)  Also, no dairy products allowed.

There should be no danger doing it for one day because if you have to go in for a colonoscopy, you have to follow a liquid diet.

Even though, always check with your doctor.

Pick a day where:

1.  The following day is not over charged with work.

2.  You have an appointment you can cancel.

3.  Everyone in the family will understand why you are feeding them soup for supper!

Take a laxative before bedtime.

This is the tricky part because a laxative works differently for everyone.  I use Senokot because it’s the one Dr. Deepak Chopra suggests to use for his detox.  I usually take 5 tablets in the afternoon around 3:30 p.m. because I prefer waking up during the night rather than being surprised the following day.

Happy Easter to all my Orthodox friends!


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