Selling an Image ~ Marie-Té … & … A Fabulous Giveaway!

I have company today, Marie-Té.  My bff Marie-Té and I go back many years.  I met her when she had just opened her own Esthetics Salon, Institut de Beauté Marie-Té.

She introduced me to facials, pedicures, manicures and of course, our empowering conversations about our outlook on life.

Her business has been growing but unfortunately the demand is higher than she can supply.

The market seems to be saturated with beauty spas but she argues by saying, “Treat your clientele well and they’ll be back.”

Also today, there are so many new and different techniques in esthetics, she has a hard time choosing the ones she wants to offer us.

By the way, the clientele today have done their homework on those latest trends.  It’s true.  I always have a list of questions for her.

She admits that she has no choice but to take courses every 6 weeks to keep herself updated with the latest trends.

Seeing that it is Spring, I usually treat my face and neck to a deep cleaning.

It is called microdermabrasion.

We all heard about it.  My husband always makes me laugh when I tell him what I’m having done.  “Oh, Yeah!  You’re going in for a sandblasting!”

Pretty much, that’s what it is…with the exception of a miniature vacuum sucking up the little particles left behind and all those blackheads!

The Fabulous Giveaway

Did I mention that Marie-Té is Super Nice?  She is offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win a Cleansing Milk from GM Collin. 

All you have to do is leave a comment here or on Esthétique Marie-Té Facebook Page by clicking here for a chance to win.  The draw ends Saturday, May 5, 2012.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 6. 2012.


12 thoughts on “Selling an Image ~ Marie-Té … & … A Fabulous Giveaway!

  1. Hope I win! I need a jumpstart to my skin care regimen or lack of. I have gotten really bad about my skin and definietly need to get back into a good routine. Think a great new product will do just the trick!!

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