Other Options Available Before Going Under the Knife & A New Look

The new look of course is my blog!

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We all age but to age gracefully is what I want.

Some people have been blessed with anti-aging genes.  Not me!  So everything is a plus for me.  You met Marie-Té and my regular visits for my microdermabrasion.  It didn’t even cross my mind about writing this post but look at these pictures.

Now & Before

It’s me!

I had no choice but to share this with you.

My skin is starting to sag…Everywhere!…but there are 2 main areas which bother me.  My face and my tummy.

I spoke to my dermatologist and he suggested Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Therapy by Accent.

The therapy consists of tightening loose skin by promoting healthy collagen production (face), and improves the body’s contours (abdomen, thighs, legs, arms).

During the procedure, Catherine, the technician, used Accent radiofrequency to precisely heat my skin’s inner layer (dermis), while its outer layer (epidermis) was continually cooled. As the inner layer is heated, a natural reaction occurs, stimulating the creation of new collagen.

I had 4 treatments done on my face and 4 treatments for my abdomen.  The protocol has since changed to 6 and 6.

It takes about 4 -6 months to see results.

My “before” picture was taken in April 2011.  My “now “ picture was taken in November 2011.

I had an appointment in April 2012 and I told Catherine that the procedure on my tummy worked but I didn’t think it worked on my face.  Out came the pictures!   What!  Book my next appointment!

I drink water often during the day and I also take vitamin C on a daily basis.  It helps with collagen maintenance.


4 thoughts on “Other Options Available Before Going Under the Knife & A New Look

  1. Hi Nicki! Love the new look….looks fabulous! I cannot believe these before and afters, simply amazing. This is making me want to look into this myself. Good to know, so much is changing so fast, its almost impossible to keep up. In my 40’s I feel like I have been blessed with good genetics consering I do next to nothing (really about taking proper care of my skin) but am suddenly seeing little tiny lines here and there and yes, that sagging! UGH!!!!

    • Thank you, Tina! A few wrinkles is nothing! I am always pampering my skin and yet I still have to always be on the look out for the next best thing…Lol!

  2. Hi Nickie,
    Like the new look, new format of your blog.
    Just thanking you again for sharing the Spiced Almond and Pecans recipe. Family and friends love it.

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