Clinton County Car Show ~ Plattsburgh, New York – The Real American Beauties

It was a gorgeous Saturday.

My husband, the boys and I decided to take a drive to Plattsburgh, New York.  It’s an hour and 15 minutes drive from Montreal.

When we were teenagers, we used to drive often to Plattsburgh to go to the beach.  There was a stretch of sandy beaches by the shores of Lake Champlain .  We used to pack up early in the morning and drive down with friends.  We just needed a driver’s license or birth certificate back then to cross the border.  Times have changed.  I remembered how we used to buy Mountain Dew when we got there.  It wasn’t sold in Quebec at the time.  This was maybe 35 years ago!  Wow, time passed….and I still love my Mountain Dew!

Well, yesterday we were back but for a different reason. A Car Show.  The Clinton County Car Show.  We have friends who participate at different shows.  Bob, restores timeless classical beauties and muscle cars.  My husband has a ’78 Corvette, my son restored, with Bob’s help, a ’76 Camaro and Bob has ’68 Convertible Camaro.

The Old Corvettes and the Old Camaros are my favorite all-time classics.  They had such beautiful lines.  Simple if you see one but yet  “I need a second look” kind of beauty.   They are the true American beauties.

I took a few pictures of my favorite ones yesterday.

Black Camaro '68Black Camaro '68 (2)This is a black ’68 Camaro.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The detailing and the color…it was really black!  Gorgeous!

Camaro '68This is also a ’68 Camaro but convertible.  Beautiful!  Black leather interior! Gorgeous!  I can just imagine driving this car along the coast of California…

Corvette Stingray '72This ’72 Stingray Corvette was in excellent condition.  The color was outstanding.  The gentleman in the picture is the original owner.

I hope today’s post made you take a walk back down memory lane!


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