Formula One Grand Prix du Canada in Montreal

Formula One Ferrari Team

Every year for the past 34 years or so, I embrace the Formula One in Montreal.

In 1978, Gilles Villeneuve, a Quebec native, won the Formula One Grand Prix.  I’ve been a fan ever since.

On Thursday, during the second week of June, the celebration begins.

It’s a weekend filled with parties after parties.  Wherever you go on the weekend, you will definitely encounter a luxury sports car race by you on the highway or parked at a very popular restaurant in town.

I just love it!  The atmosphere, the tourists, the cars, everything about the Grand Prix Weekend!

My family and I head Downtown Montreal from the suburbs to take a walk on Crescent Street on the Friday night.  The Downtown core is only opened to pedestrians.

Another popular street is Peel Street.  They reserve this street for luxury cars which are parked one after another for us to gaze at their beauty.  Cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati….Ahhh!

On Saturday night, everyone flocks over to Little Italy on St. Laurent Street.  There you will see all the Ferraris you can imagine.

Sunday is the Big Day.  Race Day!

I was fortunate enough to have gone to a race a few years ago.

It was a gorgeous sunny day.  The amount of people was amazing to see.  I had never experienced so many fans in one place.  We had excellent seats.  I was able to see every single car because they had to slow down to take the curve.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  Loved it!

It’s great for the economy…It’s a chance to show off the beautiful City of Montreal, the great restaurants, the trendy nightclubs and the friendly bilingual people.

Unfortunately, this year’s festivities are a bit tainted with protests nevertheless, for me, The Grand Prix is The Grand Prix!

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