How to Make Caffè Freddo ~ Refreshing Italian Cold Coffee to Sip While Watching the Euro Cup

Such a treat on a hot summer’s day!  You will need espresso coffee like the one I used to make the Tiramisù.

Extra strong…Umm, so good!!!


3 cups Espresso coffee

½ cup sugar

Dissolve sugar in coffee.

Pour in a shallow container and freeze for 1 hour.  I used 2 – 9”x13” Tupperware containers.  This makes the freezing process quicker.

Using a fork, scrape the coffee to break it up.  Freeze another 15 minutes and scrape it up again.

Serve in Espresso cups or glasses like in the picture…Enjoy.

Caffè Freddo - Cold Espresso Coffee

Today is the Euro Cup.  Italy vs England.  We will enjoy our Cold Coffee while watching the game.

Am I a sport buff?…Not really.  I just like watching certain sports during the finals, if and only if, I’m rooting for one of the teams.

About 12 years ago, when the boys were much younger, we were watching a soccer game.  ( I have to do more research to tell you which one it was.  I have to ask the boys but at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, they are still sleeping…lol!)

Every time Italy won, everyone took to the streets to celebrate waving Italian flags.  It was so funny to see.  Honking, waving, cheering…It was incredible.

One night, we loaded up the boys and drove to Little Italy.  We were in our car driving through the traffic.  Fans were either in their cars or on foot honking, cheering and waving flags.  We were at a red light when this girl came over to the car and handed my youngest son a flag…We opened the sunroof and he began waving and cheering along with everyone else.  It was such a blast!  Words can’t explain the feeling.


4 thoughts on “How to Make Caffè Freddo ~ Refreshing Italian Cold Coffee to Sip While Watching the Euro Cup

  1. When Italy won the World Cup in 1982, we watched the game in the basement of your parents’ house. Italy played against West Germany and won 3-1. I remember how much all us cousins celebrated when the final whistle blew. These are moments you never forget!!

  2. I have witnessed myself that Italian pride and it really is something to behold! Gotta love it…..your yummy treat above looks sublime. I can never have anything with too much coffee…..strong coffee? Bring it on:)

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