I Desperately Need your Opinion on This!

I updated my Treasure page to “Treasure Tuesday”.  There you will find little tidbits.

Things I find which I would like to share.  Check it out!

One treasure I found is Summer Hair Trends 2012.  Click on it and you will be viewing hair trends for this summer.

I’ve been wanting to change my look…like a mini-makeover.

I told my sister, “Next time you’re in New York, we should go see a stylist and redo our wardrobe.”

She answered me, “What for?  You have great style!  Plus, I’m not gonna have anyone telling me what to wear!”

She’s too funny!  She is right because I know, she has only two colors in her wardrobe – black and blacker!

I can just imagine someone telling her to wear fuschia…Oooo!  That would not be a pretty sight!!!

Instead, I like wearing fuschia!

So, this is where you come in.  Which would you choose ?

Before you send in your comment, there are a few factors which could change your opinion:

1 – I am between 48 and 49 years old.  Lol!

2 – I am a natural Brunette (more like mousy brown) with orange undertones.  If I leave my hair natural, it looks like Howard Stern’s hair!  Don’t get me wrong, I love his hair.  Just not on me.

3 – My hair is presently highlighted.  See “ Other Options Before Going Under the Knife”.  I recently experimented with different products and now I have some orange going on between the highlights.  Oops!

4 – Presently, the length of my hair is past my shoulder blades.  Yeah!  I know, it’s too long!!!

So which will it be:

1 – Bangs

2 – Blonde

3 – Color Block

4 – Dark

Send in your comments.  If you choose none, what do you propose?

I’ll post the results next Sunday, July 15, 2012.  My hair appointment is on Friday, July 20, 2012.


8 thoughts on “I Desperately Need your Opinion on This!

  1. Love the article….

    I love your wave curls- !!!!!

    It s summer so my recommendation , go with some blond highlights

    ‘’Fall look” only in Fall would go brunette with bangs & straightened out look with iron. The girl that takes care of my house , did that and it looked sleek and stylish.

    Have a great Sunday, it s gorgeous outside,


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