No More Waxing and No More Electrolysis ~ Threading is the Way to Go

I recently discovered the technique of threading.  If you have fine eyebrow hair and sensitive skin, please read on!

What is threading to be exact?

A technician cuts a long piece of thread from a spool.  She holds one end between her teeth and wraps the other end between her forefingers and her thumbs (See Image 1).

Image 1

Why threading?

I tried electrolysis.  Unfortunately, my eyebrows consist of very fine hair.  The process is too long and painful.  I tried waxing but that leaves a scab below my eyebrows and above my upper lip.


You sit in a comfortable chair with your head resting on the headrest.  You gently hold your eyelid with one hand while the other hand rests on your forehead.  You gently pull your hands in the opposite directions so that the skin is taut.  It’s very precise and quick (See Image below).


This technique has been used for centuries by Middle Eastern and Indian women.  Lately, it is being offered in Hair Salons all over the city.


I usually go see my technician, Daljib, every 4-6 weeks.  I tweeze between appointments though.  This is Annie modelling her before-and-after eyebrows.  She goes every 4 weeks with no in-between tweezing!

I would like to thank both Daljib and Annie for graciously having me photograph them while I waited for my turn!

Thank you, Girls!


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