What Does it Mean ~ Is it a Sign? Part I

About a month ago, I received a disturbing email from a friend of mine who passed away, Nicole.

How awful was that?

Seeing her name in my message box sent shivers down my spine!

I contacted a friend, Diane B., who received the same email to calm my emotions.  In fact, it was confirmed that Nicole’s email account had been hacked.

Was it a sign?

I haven’t seen Diane B. since November when I had a supper with “Les Girls”.  “Les Girls” is a group of friends.  We met while training for a walk to support cancer research.  Nicole was our trainer!

I invited Diane B. for supper.  Diane B.’s husband suffered a brain clot while we were training for one our walks.  He is much better now but tires easily.  She suggested that just the two of us do lunch.

We were finally able to find a date and chose a restaurant that we both frequented with our friend Nicole, Au Petit Cochon Santé.

I remember when Nicole used to make me walk from her house to the restaurant to burn extra calories!  Lol!

I decided to arrive early so I can sit in the open air and sip on a hot cup of coffee.

I wanted a table outside and in the shade.  I was asked if I wanted to wait at the bar.  I had no problem with that.  Five minutes later, they escorted me to my table.

While waiting, sipping my coffee, the table across me caught my attention!  Don’t ask me why?  I heard them speak English, which is not uncommon in that area, but a woman at that table, I don’t know, had me staring at her!

Did I see her before?  Do I know her?

You’re going have to wait for Part II!


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