What Does it Mean? ~ Part II

From Part I of my story:

I’m sitting alone, on the terrace, at my table, and sipping my coffee.  I am still glancing over at the table across when I noticed Diane’s car in a distance driving into the parking of the restaurant.

I saw her coming towards the doorway.

I was smiling from ear to ear.  I haven’t seen Diane B. since November.  She looked great.  You wouldn’t be able to tell that she was a breast cancer survivor.

As she walked towards me, she looked over at the other table and her eyes opened wide and she screeched “ Oh! “  She went over and gave the woman a big hug and couldn’t believe her eyes.

She walked over to my table with the woman, she kissed me and gave me a big hug also and introduced me to the woman.

“Nickie, je te présente Grace!”  She said, Nickie, let me introduce you to Grace!

“Grace!” I’m the one who screeched now.

“OMG,” with my hands on my face.  “I’ve heard your name so many times.”

“So pleased to finally meet you,”  I said, while shaking her hand wildly.

Who is Grace?

Well, Grace was Nicole’s bff.  She too is a Pilates and yoga teacher. Nicole would always mention her name in our conversations.  When Nicole was no longer able to teach, she recommended Grace or Josée.  Due to the distance of Grace’s studio from my house, I never contacted her.  I instead contacted Josée, whom is much closer to my residence.

So picture this:  The three of us.  All connected by one person.  To meet on that day.  Why?

I’m not sure…

but all because of that one email that sent shivers down my spine.

I guess there eventually will be a Part III.


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