Farmer’s Market & Fresh Roma Tomatoes and Cocktail Bocconcini

During the summer, I really like to take advantage of the fresh produce available to us from our local farmers.

My husband and I took a day last week to go pick our own produce.

Did I tell you it rained the day before!  It was a bit muddy! Lol!

We picked eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. (Recipes to come!)

The tomatoes don’t look red.  Yeah, I know!  Give it a couple of days in the sun and they will look like this!  You can’t beat the freshness.  I never refrigerate my tomatoes.

Roma Tomato

My whole family enjoys this entrée.


5 Roma tomatoes, ¼ “ slices

20-25 Cocktail Bocconcini

Salt, 2 pinches

Oregano, a pinch

Olive oil, 4 tbsp – 3 for the tomatoes and 1 for the bocconcini

Drain your bocconcini and set aside.   Slice tomatoes and place in a platter.  Sprinkle salt and oregano.  Drizzle with oil.  Just before serving, pile the bocconcini on top of the tomatoes.  Sprinkle oregano and drizzle with oil.  Serve with fancy toothpicks and a fresh baguette (or two).  Yum!


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market & Fresh Roma Tomatoes and Cocktail Bocconcini

  1. Yum Nickie…you have me hungry. One of the highlights for me every summer is picking the fresh fruits and veges that we so love eating. I get so inspired to make all kinds of wonderful dishes, looks wonderful!

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