Part I

If I can tell you that maybe it’s happened three times, in our 26 years of marriage, that I was the driver of the vehicle, while my husband sat in the passenger seat, would be quite about right.

My husband needed to rent a car.  We drove together to the car rental.  He stopped on the side of the building.  We both got out of the vehicle, met half way, and kissed.  He walked towards the front of the building and I walked over to go sit in the driver’s seat.  I asked if he wanted me to wait.

“No, no!  I have everything under control!” he replied.

“Are you sure?  I can wait!” I said.

“No, no!  Everything is good!” he said.

So, I left.

A minute later, my cell phone rings.

“Come pick me up.  No one is here!” he said in a bad mood.

He was unhappy because he needed the rental for a business trip out of town and didn’t want to waste the day waiting for it.

I wasn’t very far.  As I was turning into an empty parking lot to make my way back, I saw, up ahead on the side of the road, a policeman giving a fellow a ticket.

They are very strict with speeding in Quebec.  They impose very high fines and if you are 40km over the speed limit, they could impound your vehicle.  Oooo!  They are wicked!

I’m on my way back to where my husband was.  I pulled into the parking and there he was waiting.  Did I mention he was not in a good mood?

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  No one was on the road.

I told him, “Jump in.  I’ll drive!”

The best part of this is that I insisted on driving.

“No, no everything is good!”  I said with a chuckle. “Jump in!”

Part II

I’m driving with no one else on the road when I hear my husband saying very calmly, “Slow Down!”

First reaction of course is to put on the brakes.  “What? What?” I said.

“Don’t you see the cop in the Bright Yellow vest?” he blurted out.

“%#@%&!”  I whispered under my breath.  I forgot about the policeman.

You know, I didn’t tell him that I had seen the policeman there just 10 minutes before.  Just would have made matters worse.

Look, he hadn’t stopped complaining about the rental office not being open that he made me forget about the policeman.

I see the policeman with his bright yellow vest stepping off the sidewalk, walking towards the road and waving me down…

No, no, no…don’t do this!  Please!  Not with the husband in the vehicle!!!

No chance.  He pulled me over.  %#@%&!

My husband lowers his window and the policeman begins, “Ma’am do you know you were going 70 km in a 50 km zone?  Can I please have your license  and registration of the vehicle?”

I gave him the documents.

He saw my husband there…he should have just given me a warning.  That’s all I’m saying.

He walks away to prepare my speeding ticket.

My husband starts, “I told you to slow down.  I can’t believe you didn’t see him.  He is wearing a bright yellow vest, Nickie!”

The policeman walks back to the vehicle to hand over my papers and the ticket.

This is how I see it:

Thank goodness I was driving because I definitely believe that if it was my husband driving, the vehicle would have been impounded! Lol!!!

*Today’s post has Part I and Part II because I will not be posting next Sunday!  You are still welcome to view older posts…

Have a wonderful Labour Day Weekend!



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