One Less Wish on my Wish List….

I can scratch off one of my wishes from my wish list that I wanted to accomplish.

Last February, on Valentine’s Day, the Madonna tickets went on sale for her Montreal tour.

First, I had to join the Madonna Fan Club to be able to obtain the V.I.P. tickets.  Then, the only way to purchase them is online.

You can choose from many different seats:  There were the first row tickets.  Those were very expensive.

There were tickets which guarantee you a seat in rows 2- 10.  These were also expensive but manageable so I opted for the these ones.

Of course there were many more other seats available but I needed to be close enough for her to be able to sign her book!

On February 14 at 9:45 a.m., I sat myself, with my credit card in hand, at my son’s computer waiting to purchase the tickets. I was patiently waiting, striking up a conversation with my son, while he was bed trying to sleep, to calm my nerves.

“Shhh!  The time has come.” I told him.

It’s time to start buying.

Oh! my God!  It’s not working…Something is wrong.  I can’t get in.

“Nicholas, help!!!! It’s not working!  Do something! Please! Hurry!”  I cried out in a panic.

He got out of bed and tried to get in but couldn’t.  After 45 minutes, he was able to get in and purchase the tickets.  Phew! I was getting worried.  He got the confirmation.  You don’t know where you will be seated until the night of the concert.

Last week, Madonna was in Montreal.

I brought my book and a Sharpie.  We were seated in row 6.  The seats were fantastic.  The concert was amazing but I never took out my book for her to sign.


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