Hi! My Name is Nickie and I just got Pink’D!

I was invited to a very good friend’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party.

For birthdays, family gatherings, and suppers, I usually just dress up and go.

Seeing that I’m at the point of needing a really bad tint and haircut, I decided to get my hair set by a professional.  You know these professionals, they make scraggly look amazing!

As you may recall in a previous post, my bff, Marie-Té, owns an Esthetic and Hair Salon.  For the whole month of October, she is doing the greatest thing.

Since she just loves the Trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey, she decided to do 50 Shades of Pink.

For $20.00, get a pink streak in any shade you want and all the proceeds go to Cancer Research since this cause is so close to her heart.

I had no problem donating…it was that pink streak in my hair I was concerned about.

Check out the Facebook Page to see all the Shades of Pink her clients are getting done and then you’ll understand my concern.

Did you see some of those streaks?  The young gentleman’s Mohawk!  They even pink young girls…I know it’s for a very good cause but…Pink!

Knowing Marie-Té, she wasn’t going to let me leave that salon without a pink streak.

The morning of my appointment, I showed up equipped.  Yes Ma’am!  I brought a hair extension of mine that they were going to tint pink.

Ha!  I was one step ahead of them so I thought.

It wasn’t happening…they ambushed me.

“No, No, No.  Nothing doing!  You’re getting Pink’D!”

They gave me a smock, sat me down, spun me around and proceeded to apply the hot pink tint.

Fifty-een minutes later, after washing and drying and setting….

Ohhhh!  I like it!!!  She’s doing it again next year and so will I.

Nickie got Pink’D

Marie-Té got Pink’D

Marie-Té you’re the Bestest!  Happy Birthday! xo


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