~Baci ~ Decadent Chocolate Kisses

My Mom would always talks about these chocolates

which come in a dark blue box, individually wrapped, in a star-studded silver foil paper.

Before you eat the delicious decadent hazelnut chocolate kiss,

you have to read the little love note and wonder

if one day Prince Charming would come along…

until you eat another…another and another!

Baci are her favorite chocolates…

a story which dates back when she was dating my Dad, in their small town in Italy.

One day, he surprised her with a box.

You see, the chocolate company was called Perugina…

He wrapped a ribbon around the box to cover the letter “u” which then read “Baci Per Gina” which translates

“Kisses For Gina”.

He was soooo romantic!


1 cup hazelnuts, roasted and husked

3 tbsp Nutella ( creamy chocolate hazelnut spread)

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

6 oz (160g) dark chocolate

Picture 1

Set aside 20 whole hazelnuts and chop the rest.

Mix the chopped hazelnuts and cocoa powder.

Picture 2

Add the Nutella, one tablespoon at a time …

Picture 3

to achieve a cookie dough-like mixture.

Picture 4

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Scoop up dough using a melon baller.  *Dip melon baller in water after every scoop.  It prevents the dough from sticking.

Picture 6

Place on parchment paper.  Using wet hands, roll into perfectly round balls.

Push the whole hazelnut on top of every ball.

Picture 7

Freeze for 30 minutes .

Melt dark chocolate.

Picture 8

Slowly dip in your Baci!

Picture 9

Let excess chocolate drip by placing on a wire rack.

Picture 10

Let cool on parchment paper.  Individually place them in paper cups.

Picture 11For Valentine’s Day, why not display them for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Valentine Baci

Thank you Jenn H. for helping! xo


4 thoughts on “~Baci ~ Decadent Chocolate Kisses

  1. Yum!! Chocolate is a fast way to my heart…these look heavenly good. Problem for someone like me is no willpower whatsoever, so I honestly would have to stay away, far away and only buy them once in a while, making an entire batch could be a big problem:)

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