Panettone French Toast

We are the month of February and I still have Panettone in my pantry!

Panettone! That Italian cake everyone receives or re-gifts during Christmas*.  This, I have to tell you, was not a gift nor a re-gift.

Before Christmas, my husband sent me a picture on my Iphone to show me the mega-size Panettone Costco received.  Eleven lbs of Panettone…

”Niiicccce…!” I texted back.

Actual picture he sent me!!!

Mega-size Panettone in the red box. Next to it is a regular size Panettone.

Mega-size Panettone in the red box. Next to it is a regular size Panettone.

I didn’t expect him to come home with it!  We cut it up into 8 pieces.  Two pieces we ate.  One piece we gave to a friend (not considered re-gifting).  Five pieces to go…Okay!  Four because I just used one for the Panettone French Toast.


3 Eggs

1 Tbsp Sugar

1/3 cup Milk

6 Panettone slices, cut about 3/4 inch thick and crust removed

Maple syrup and Fresh fruits for garnishing

Panettone French Toast Ingredients

In a shallow bowl, beat eggs and sugar.  Add the milk and beat until well blended.

Put stove on medium to high heat.  In a pan, add 1 tbsp of butter.  Swirl the butter to coat the pan.  Do not burn the butter.

Take a slice of Panettone and dip one side into the egg mixture and then dip the other side.  Let the Panettone soak up just a bit of the egg mixture.  Place in the pan and cook for 3 minutes or until golden.  Flip the slice of Panettone with a spatula and cook for 3 more minutes.

Garnish with fresh fruits and Quebec Maple Syrup!

Panettone French Toast

*A little story about The Re-Gifted Panettone….One Christmas, a friend bought a Panettone and marked the bottom of the box.  He brought it to a relative’s house during the festive season.  Two weeks later, he had guests over for supper.  One guest brought him a Panettone!  Guess where the Panettone came from??? It was the one he marked! Lol!


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