Treasure Tuesday is a page dedicated for Treasures I find.

If there is  “red writing”, click on it and it will bring you on a different page.  Let me know what you think about my Treasures!

Tuesday January 22, 2013:  Treasure Found

The Lumineers – Ho Hey (Original Version)

Tuesday September 25, 2012:  Treasure Found

OPI Nail Stickers

I received so many compliments on my toes!  I decided to share this marvelous idea.  It’s nail polish but as a sticker.

My bff Marie-Té thought I should try them for my Madonna concert…!

I’m going into my 4th week and they still look like I just got it done.  What do you think?

Tuesday July 31, 2012:  Treasure Found

Corn from Quebec

I have to admit but our corn is to die for!  It has been perfected to an amazing sweet and juicy taste.  The Peaches and Cream variety is the best.  We place them in a large water-filled pot and boil them for exactly 5 minutes.

If you want a real treat, place them on the barbeque and roast them!  Have a mirror and dental floss close by! Lol!


Tuesday July 24, 2012:  Treasure Found

Nude Sandals

I can’t tell you how long it’s taken me to find a nice pair of nude shoes.  You can wear them with anything!  I know, they are not shoes but close enough!  They are treasures because I got them at a ridiculous price!  $61.15  for patent leather – tax in! Yay!

Tuesday July 17, 2012:  Treasure Found

Jason Mraz

You have to listen to his new song;  

I included the .

I loved his duet with Colby Caillat;  Lucky.

I suggest you view the lyrics and then view the song…Enjoy!

Tuesday July 10, 2012:  Treasure Found

Lidia’s Italy

Authentic Italian Cuisine – Her recipes are easy and very true to Italian cuisine.  I love when she has her mother with her on the show!

I think you will enjoy her story…Click here for more info.  Wow!  She is a partner of EatalyNY.  I just found out…

Tuesday July 3, 2012:  Treasure Found

Earth from Space

A four-part series from the Discovery Channel but shown in 2 complete hours.  It’s so amazing.

Tuesday June 26, 2012:  Treasure Found

Farmer's Market (1)

The Farmer’s Market is open!  During the Summer, we always buy our vegetables from our farmer.  We are very fortunate to have one close by, Ferme Turcot, Laval, Quebec.  Do you have one?

Tuesday June 19, 2012:  Treasure Found

Summer Hair Styles 2012

If you are planning to change your hairstyle this year, then you need to see this.  Click on this link.  I’m working on changing mine.  I’ll keep you posted…

Tuesday June 12, 2012:  Treasure Found

Land of Dreams

What a great commercial!  The voice.  The beat.  The imagery.  All amazing!

It’s Rosanne Cash singing and the director is Dave Meyers.  Enjoy!

Tuesday June 5, 2012: Treasure Found – Lemon Yellow Pants – Zara – $49.90 CAD

Lemon Yellow Pants

My wardrobe consists mainly of Blacks, Grey, Brown, Beige and White.  This summer I decided to add some color!  I really like this Lemon Yellow to go with my Beige…Cute! Eh!!!


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